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Villa degli Olmi NV 'Corte dei Rovi' Moscato

Villa degli Olmi NV 'Corte dei Rovi' Moscato

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Crafted from Moscato grapes in Italy's Veneto region, Villa degli Olmi NV 'Corte dei Rovi' undergoes traditional harvesting in late September or early October. After a few months of aging in stainless steel tanks, it emerges as a light-bodied, sweet wine. Citrus, peach, and honeysuckle aromas precede fresh, fruity flavors, concluding with a subtle acidity. Best served chilled, this delightful and affordable wine complements desserts, fruit, and cheese. Ideal for warm days or paired with light appetizers, it epitomizes a versatile and enjoyable choice, showcasing the craftsmanship of Villa degli Olmi's winemaking in each sip.

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