How it Works

At Studio Beverage Direct, we're revolutionizing the trade show experience. Beyond just showcasing wines, we actively facilitate their purchase, bridging the gap between exhibitors and attendees.

  • QR Code Integration

    Each wine table is equipped with QR codes, allowing attendees to instantly access information about the wines on display. With a simple scan, they can view detailed descriptions, tasting notes, and most importantly, purchase options.

  • Seamless Purchasing

    We handle the entire purchasing process, from order placement to payment processing. Attendees can select their desired wines, pay securely, and leave the logistics to us.

  • Post-Event Delivery

    Rather than carrying bottles around, attendees can enjoy the convenience of having their purchased wines shipped directly to them a few weeks after the event.

  • Empowering Producers

    Our services offer a tangible benefit for your distributors, producers, and importers. By facilitating actual sales at trade shows, we provide them with a compelling proposition for their producers, showcasing their ability not just to display, but to sell.

About SBD

Studio Beverage Direct (SBD) stands at the forefront of the beverage industry, powering some of the most renowned brands in both e-commerce and trade shows. Our expertise extends beyond mere distribution; we leverage our vast excess inventory to fuel the largest corporate gifting program in the sector. With SBD, clients benefit from a unique blend of industry-leading e-commerce solutions, impactful trade show presence, and unparalleled gifting opportunities, all underpinned by our commitment to quality and innovation.