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2018 Trium Grower's Cuve Red Blend

2018 Trium Grower's Cuve Red Blend

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Crafted with precision and passion, the 2018 Trium Grower's Cuvée Red Blend embodies the artistry of Rogue Valley. This blend, an exquisite harmony of select varietals, draws from meticulously tended vineyards caressed by Oregon's sun-drenched days and cool nights. The marriage of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah creates an opulent tapestry of flavors—a symphony of dark berries, hints of spice, and velvety tannins that linger with each sip. Aged to perfection, this wine reflects the terroir, offering a depth that speaks of its origins—a balance of power and elegance, a tribute to the land, and the skilled hands that nurture it.

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