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Petite Sirah FAQs

What is Petite Sirah?

Petite Sirah, also spelled as Petite Syrah or Durif, is a red wine grape variety known for producing deeply colored, full-bodied wines with bold flavors and firm tannins. Despite its name, Petite Sirah is not related to the Syrah grape variety but is instead a hybrid of Syrah and Peloursin, developed by a French botanist named François Durif in the 19th century. Petite Sirah is primarily grown in California, particularly in regions such as Napa Valley, Sonoma County, and Paso Robles, where it thrives in the warm, sunny climate. While it is often used as a blending grape to add color, structure, and intensity to red wine blends, it is also made into single varietal wines that showcase its unique characteristics. Overall, Petite Sirah is appreciated for its bold flavors, firm tannins, and aging potential, making it a popular choice among red wine enthusiasts.

Is Petite Sirah dry?

Petite Sirah wines are typically dry. "Dry" in the context of wine refers to the absence of perceptible sweetness. Petite Sirah wines undergo fermentation until most of the grape sugars are converted into alcohol, resulting in minimal residual sugar.

What does Petite Sirah taste like?

Petite Sirah wines typically offer a bold and intense taste profile, characterized by rich flavors of dark fruits, firm tannins, and a robust mouthfeel.