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Grenache FAQs

What is Grenache wine?

Grenache, also known as Garnacha in Spain, is a red wine grape variety that is widely cultivated around the world. It is known for producing wines that are typically medium to full-bodied, with fruity flavors and soft tannins. Grenache is often used as a blending grape in red wine blends, but it is also made into single varietal wines.

Is Grenache wine sweet?

Grenache wine is typically not considered sweet. Instead, it is known for its fruity flavors, moderate tannins, and often higher alcohol content. Grenache wines usually showcase flavors of red fruits such as strawberry, raspberry, and cherry, along with hints of spice and herbs. While Grenache wines can have a perception of sweetness due to their ripe fruit flavors, they are generally considered dry or off-dry.

What does Grenache taste like?

Grenache wines are valued for their fruity and approachable nature, often offering a combination of ripe red fruit flavors, subtle spice, and herbal complexity. The specific taste profile of Grenache can vary depending on factors such as vineyard location, climate, vine age, and winemaking techniques, making each bottle a unique expression of the grape.

How to pronounce Grenache?

"Grenache" is pronounced as greh • nash

Is Grenache wine red or white?

Grenache wine is typically red, although it can also be used to produce rosé wines. The vast majority of Grenache wine produced worldwide is red, made from red-skinned Grenache grapes. These red wines are known for their fruity flavors, moderate tannins, and often higher alcohol content.

What is Grenache Blanc?

Grenache Blanc is a white grape variety that is closely related to the red Grenache grape variety. Like its red counterpart, Grenache Blanc is known for its versatility and is cultivated in various wine regions around the world.

Is Grenache Blanc wine sweet or dry?

Grenache Blanc wines are typically dry, meaning they contain minimal residual sugar and are not perceived as sweet