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2021 Chalmers Wines Nero d'Avola

2021 Chalmers Wines Nero d'Avola

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The 2021 Chalmers Wines Nero d'Avola embodies the essence of this renowned terroir. Cultivated with precision and care by the esteemed Chalmers family, this wine showcases the rich history and passion for winemaking that defines the region. The Nero d'Avola grape, known for its bold flavors and vibrant character, thrives in the Heathcote microclimate, resulting in a wine of unparalleled depth and complexity. With its deep crimson hue and aromas of ripe dark berries, spice, and hints of earthiness, each sip evokes a sense of place and tradition. On the palate, layers of black cherry, plum, and savory notes intertwine seamlessly, supported by fine-grained tannins and a lively acidity that bring balance and structure to the wine.

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