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2020 Corte Gardoni Corvina Becco Rosso Veronese IGT

2020 Corte Gardoni Corvina Becco Rosso Veronese IGT

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The 2020 Corte Gardoni Corvina Veronese Becco Rosso is a captivating red wine showcasing the best of the Corvina grape from the Veronese region. With its deep ruby hue, this wine entices with aromas of ripe cherries, red berries, and a hint of floral notes, leading to a palate that bursts with lively fruit flavors complemented by subtle earthy undertones. Its medium body and smooth tannins make it approachable yet intriguing, while a well-balanced acidity adds freshness. Enjoy this versatile wine on its own or paired with a range of dishes, from hearty pasta dishes to grilled meats, elevating any dining experience with its vibrant and expressive character.

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