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2019 Lapostolle Grand Selection Carmenere

2019 Lapostolle Grand Selection Carmenere

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In 2019, Lapostolle's Carmenere from Valle del Rapel showcased the essence of Chilean winemaking excellence. The vintage boasted a deep, purplish-red hue, foretelling its rich and complex character. Aromas of ripe blackberries, subtle spices, and a hint of bell pepper tantalized the senses. The palate unfolded with layers of dark fruit, complemented by velvety tannins and a touch of oak, providing a well-balanced structure. This Carmenere embodied the varietal's signature smoky and herbal notes, delivering a memorable and lingering finish. Lapostolle's commitment to sustainable practices and the unique terroir of Valle del Rapel converged in this exceptional wine, making it a testament to the artistry of both the winemaker and the land.

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